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Black Pav Bhaji – Mumbai Street Food

'Pav Bhaji' is something that will instantly make your drool! It could be a midnight binge or an afternoon craving you want to satiate - Pav Bhaji fits all occasion and is beloved by people across all age groups. Mumbai is a haven for good pav bhaji and it is available anytime, everywhere. But off-late… Continue reading Black Pav Bhaji – Mumbai Street Food

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Tawa Pulao – Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai is known for its street food and one of the popular recipes is Tawa Pulao. It is a rice based recipe which is spicy and loaded with vegetables and flavors. If you are craving for some spicy food for the soul, you ought to try this recipe. It can also be one of the… Continue reading Tawa Pulao – Mumbai Street Food

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Kutchi Dabeli

Dabeli is a very popular street food in Mumbai and Gujarat. Having its origin in Kutch, it boasts of having a myriad of flavours. It can be one of the go to dish for a kids party or a kitty event. It requires minimum of ingredients and can be served with minimum preparations. Difficulty Level:… Continue reading Kutchi Dabeli

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Mexican Rice

A fusion rice recipe which can be served as a one pot meal as it has all the components of rice, dal and vegetables. It is not only healthy but very delicious with simple spices and can be made quickly on a lazy Sunday morning Difficulty Level: Easy Serves 3-4 people Ingredients 2 tomatoes 1/3… Continue reading Mexican Rice

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Malai Kofta in white gravy

Malai Koftas is a sabji (gravy) made with Koftas (deep fried dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese and dry fruits) dipped in rich Mughlai curry with cashews, onion and cream as prime ingredients. I simply love white gravies although compared to the red gravy it's bland but trust me with the right ingredients the dish will… Continue reading Malai Kofta in white gravy

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Chilly Pineapple Pizza

For me, personally Pineapple pizzas when paired with the right ingredients tastes heavenly. A lot of people cringe at the idea of having pineapple as a topping on their pizzas. But I suggest you to try this combination and tell me how awesome your pizza tasted. In my previous blog post Maggizza, I have already… Continue reading Chilly Pineapple Pizza

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Broccoli Almond Soup

Presenting you the most simplest and delicious way to have your greens right. This recipe with all the nutritional benefits of Broccoli and Almonds is not only healthy but also simple to cook and has a very flavorful and distinct taste. What better than having this delicious soup on a cold winter evening! Difficulty Level:… Continue reading Broccoli Almond Soup

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Mysore Masala Dosa (Mumbai style) with a healthy twist

Since a long time now, I have been meaning to try out recipes which are not only healthy but also delicious. Finally, I was able to do so with one of the dish and am pretty impressed with the way it turned out. Not only you can indulge in the dish guilt - free but… Continue reading Mysore Masala Dosa (Mumbai style) with a healthy twist